I have a variety of multi-species training items available for sale, swap, or loan. Any of the below items can be picked up or delivered in Riverside, CA. I am often looking for new equipment for myself or clients, so don’t hesitate to reach out with a possible swap, or if you have something you’d like to list on commission.


All equine items benefit Pandemic Horse Rescue

Thorowgood Saddle
Synthetic English saddle, 16″, no stirrups. Used.

Slip Ear Headstall
Reinsman World Champion Single Ear Headstall. Like new.

Try before you buy! I have several English and Western bits in my demo kit.

Saddle Cleaning
Homemade saddle soaps (rose and lavender in stock) and leather cleaning kits

Hoof Care Kit
Hoof pick, scrub brush, and tea tree hoof wax.

Mystery Gift Box
Tell me about the horses and the recipient. Multi-species option available.
$10 (sm), $25 (med), $40 (large)


Puppy Packs
A variety pack of treats and toys, with a checklist to discover your pups preferences, useful supplies, and trainer’s bag.

Treats & Toys
I always keep plenty of hand for training classes! Some extras available.

Training Gear
Long leads, slip leads, bags, pouches, target sticks, and oh so much more.


Mystery Gift Box
Pamper all your pets with one gift box! Horses, cats, dogs, fish, goats, let me know all about your non-human friends.
$10 (sm), $25 (med), $40 (large)

My quarantine hobby has been aquarium keeping! I love planted community tanks, and always willing to swap supplies or fishy friends. Starter kits available– free or discounted for kids and educators.

Livestock & Small Pets
Looking to have more fun with your rat, cat, goat, or stoat? Let’s chat! Specialized equipment is often hard to find– and expensive! I’ve adapted basic equipment to a variety of species.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Drop me a line below.