Puppy Pre-K

  • Four Week Course
  • 8 weeks and up; recommended for 8-16 weeks, or shy older pups.
  • All puppies must have had at least two rounds of their puppy shots.
  • A low stress course emphasizing curiosity and play for pups, and key skills for their people.
  • Held outdoors at Moon Dance Ranch in Riverside, CA

Session One
Meet & Greet
Discuss: Everything is brand new for pups! How to make this more exciting than scary.
Evaluate: Each pup’s curiosity and caution behaviors.
Learn: Using puppy impulses to lay a foundation; introduce follow, leash walking.
Experience: Sights and Textures.
Plan: Owner’s goals.  
Bonus: everyone is welcome to stay after for a free crash course in potty training.
Session Two
Puppy playtime
Discuss: Feed time activities for
curious confident pups.
Learn: Pups will practice taking
food or treats gently, and build confidence that their needs will
be met– most so-called “food aggression” or “toy aggression” comes from fear of scarcity.
Experience: Climbing.  
Session Three
Puppy playtime
Discuss: Regulating play and energy.
Learn: Increasing and decreasing excitement; introduce “settle” cue.
Experience: smells!
Session Four
Puppy playtime
Discuss: continued socialization and life experiences.
Learn: Introduce “focus” cue and release word.
Experience: Short barn walk.
Plan: What’s next?
All Pre-K graduates receive a $20 discount on Puppy Kindergarten
Each pre-k course is semi-customized to the participating puppies.

Weekend and weekday courses available. Have questions, or want to be added to the wait list? Text 702-809-5356 or use the form below!