Puppy Kindergarten

  • Six Week Course
  • Vaccinated puppies 12 weeks and up welcome; recommended for 14 weeks through 6 months.
  • Have a young or shy pup? Consider Puppy Pre-K.
  • Prepares for the AKC Star Puppy exam, as well as providing socialization and a introducing variety of obstacles to help boost puppy confidence
  • Held outdoors at Moon Dance Ranch in Riverside, CA

Session One
Meet & Greet
Discuss: Reward, motivator, or lure?
Pros and cons, finding what works for your dog, and how to fade.
Evaluate: Basic skills.
Learn: Shaping Sit and Recall.
Experience: Textures and balance.
Plan: Owner’s goals.  
Session Two
Puppy playtime
Discuss: Reading labels on food and treats.
Practice: Previous skills.
Learn: Chaining behaviors, Sit with Wait and Recall.
Experience: Climbing.  
Session Three
Puppy playtime
Discuss: Evaluating stress.
Practice: Previous skills.
Learn: Introduce Down and Place.
Experience: Maze.
Session Four
Puppy playtime
Discuss: Desensitizing vs. confidence.
Practice: Previous skills.
Learn: Stay vs Wait.
Experience: Hoops and short tunnels.  
Session Five
Puppy playtime
Discuss: Barn life.
Practice: Previous skills.
Learn: Introduce 1-2 new skills.
Experience: Barn Walk.
Session Six
Puppy playtime
Discuss: Increasing impulse control.
Practice: Previous skills.
Demonstrate: Full repertoire.
Experience: Distractions.
Plan: What’s next?
Each kindergarten course is semi-customized to the participating puppies.

New courses will start mid-July. Weekend and weekday courses available. Have questions, or want to be added to the wait list? Text 702-809-5356 or use the form below!