Confidence Courses

  • Six Week Course
  • Vaccinated puppies 14 weeks and up welcome
  • Prepares for the AKC Canine Good Citizen exam, as well as strategic exercise and obstacles designed to develop a happy, confident doggo who can work on their own or with their two-legged partner
  • Held outdoors at Moon Dance Ranch in Riverside, CA

Session One
Meet & Greet
Discuss: Reward, motivator, or lure?Pros and cons, finding what works for your dog, and how to fade.
Evaluate: Basic skills.
Obstacles: platforms and steps.
Added difficulty: Use known cues (sit, down, etc) on obstacles.
Plan: Owner’s goals.  
Session Two
Discuss: Developing an exercise program; setting up for success.
Practice: Previous skills.
Obstacles: Under and over- jumps and tunnels.
Added difficulty: Working with handler off of sightline.
Session Three
Discuss: When to take a break, and how to prevent burn out.
Practice: Previous skills.
Obstacles: Moving platforms- surfing and teeter-totter.
Added difficulty:
noise makers.
Session Four
Discuss: What does your doggo find challenging in life?
Practice: Previous skills.
Obstacles: Raised and uneven surfaces.
Added difficulty:
Session Five
Discuss: Barn life.*
Practice: Previous skills.
Obstacles: chaining obstacles.
Added difficulty:
speed control.
Session Six
Discuss: Increasing impulse control.
Practice: Previous skills.
Demonstrate: Full repertoire.
Added difficulty: Distractions.
Plan: What’s next?
Each confidence course is semi-customized to the participating dogs. In particular, if they went through puppy kindergarten with me, session five may be changed entirely to suit the groups’ goals.

New courses will start mid-July. Weekend, weekday, and accelerated courses available. Have questions, or want to be added to the wait list? Text 702-809-5356 or use the form below!