F.A.Q. and Policies

Communication is key! When in doubt, let’s talk.


I am open for business, with limitations. I am currently only taking local students.

I currently check the Riverside County data weekly, and will adjust policies or cancel lessons if needed.

Masks are required in all shared areas (tack rooms, tie bars, seating, etc). Masks may be removed for riding.

Guests in the same household or quarantine group are welcome to watch lessons, but must adhere to the same rules. I will schedule no more than two households in the same day.

If anyone in your household or group has traveled, been ill, or been to a large gathering, I request you let me know and we pause lessons for two weeks.

I will err on the side of caution, and reschedule lessons if I feel at all unwell, and encourage my students to do the same.


Our current concerns are heat and smoke.

I check the hourly forecast up to 48hrs out, and the weekly each week, and will let you know as soon as possible if we need to adjust.

I do not schedule morning lessons for any hour that starts at 90F or above, or evening lessons for any hour starting over 92F. Currently that means most days lessons end by 11am or do not start until 6pm.

Smoke from wildfires is a health concern for riders and horses alike. During smokey weeks, exercise intensity is reduced. If a day is especially smokey or hazey, lessons will be rescheduled.

For Parents

Generally, parents or guardians should remain at the barn for the duration of a lesson with any minor.

Once a student is familiar with the barn, parents may decide if they wish to leave and come back; teen students are generally welcome to stay after and observe Kat at work, but there is no supervision outside of the lesson.

Younger students must be picked up at the end of their lesson. This applies for dog training as well!

General Policies

Cancellations: no penalty with notice before the lesson begins, or if off site before I need to leave home. This is also flexible- life happens!

No Shows: no penalty for the first no show (life happens!); 50% charge for subsequent no shows within a year. Again, this is flexible. If something comes up, please contact me as soon as possible.

Payment: Venmo and Zelle preferred; PayPal, cash, and check accepted. Packages are pre-paid; courses are usually pre-paid, but arrangements can be made.

Equine Specific Policies

  • I require helmets for anyone who is not riding their own horse or who is under 18. I strongly encourage helmets for all. Ask me why!
  • I have helmets available for use. Riders should wear long pants and boots (hiking boots are fine, and in some cases sneakers work); guests should wear closed toed shoes.
  • I teach riders are young as three, on a case by case basis.
  • I do not have a PATH certification, and lack specialized equipment. However, I am happy to meet with any prospective riders, regardless of goals, abilities, or previous experience. If my program is not a fit, I’m happy to help find one that does.

Canine Specific Policies

  • I do not current offer inside home training, but am available for appointments in a yard or park.
  • For courses at Moon Dance Ranch, please be aware that there are loose dogs on the property. The Ranch is their home, and they provide very important coyote deterrent services!
  • I will not take highly reactive dogs in group classes. As always, I am happy to refer you to specialists in the area or otherwise help you find what you need.
  • Group classes require three dogs to be able to run. I currently limit classes to two households at a time (not counting myself and the barn). I am happy to schedule closed classes for your group.
  • Vaccinations are required for all dogs.
  • A topical flea, tick, and mosquito treatment is recommended.
  • I provide:
    • An assortment of treats and toys.
    • Long leads and other special equipment as needed for class.
    • A notepad and pen, if you’d like to take notes.
    • Individual or class digital photo albums.
    • A limited supply of loanable and swappable gear for you to try at home. Have something that didn’t work for your pup? Donate it to the loaner bin, and keep a loaner item that worked for you.
    • A limited stock of equipment, treats, and toys for sale.
  • You should bring:
    • Your dog!
    • A simple collar or harness. For young or small pups, a harness is preferred.
    • A leash.
    • The whole family (friends, too, if they fit the Covid policies above!)
    • Optional: any treats or toys your dog likes.

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