Curbside Camp

Kat Boniface is a PhD candidate in equine history at UC Riverside and has two decades of training experience, with multiple teaching certifications for the classroom and the riding arena.


For the New Leaf Equestrian & Multi-species Training Curbside Camp, each day campers will:

  • Read something. This might be an article on horse care, a pony themed novel, or a poem. Most readings will be digital.
  • Write something. It could be a goal list, a response to a question, or just practicing their pony’s name! A journal or practice pad is provided with each camp kit.
  • Watch something. Maybe a video on roundpenning, or a fun cartoon, or a classic movie. Recommendations will be free on the web, or tailored to the camper’s available streaming options.
  • Learn something. Horse care, riding disciplines, parts of the horse or tack, the list is endless! These are a mix of physical (with supplies provided) and digital.
  • Do something. Riding is a sport! Practice safe dismounts off the couch, perfect your rein handling skills, stretch key muscles, walk test patterns, and more. Practice equipment for these are provided in the kits.
  • Make something. What would camp be without crafts? At least five unique crafts, and often these come with extras for the weekend. Ranging in complexity from coloring books to make your own saddle soap, there is something for everyone.

    All one week or longer kits are fully customizable! Dog camp options are also available. Ask about others or particular themes.

    Free local delivery. Shipping available.

    Contact me with questions or to get your kit!

Jr. Camp

1 day sample kit $10
1 week kit $45
2 weeks kit $75

Junior camp kits are recommended for ages 3-6. These have simpler activities and crafts- and no permanent markers or paint.


1 day sample kit $15
1 week kit $65
2 weeks kit $100

The standard kit is recommended for ages 7-16.


So you want to be an equine professional (or maybe you’re on your way and want to buff a few skills)…this kit’s for you! Starting topics include farriery (or grooming for dogs), nutrition, massage, first aid, and developing an animal fitness program. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

1 week kit $85
2 weeks kit $150

Add ons and other options

Craft kit only $20-50
AMA zoom session, 20 minutes $15
Bonus large craft $15
Extra crafting supplies $10
Quiz module with daily feedback $20
Essay module with feedback $40