New lessons on hold indefinitely; I’m happy to chat and add you to the notification list.

Limited lessons for Moon Dance Ranch boarders reopened May 2; each horse rider pair, and each weekend, will be a case by case basis. I’m happy to suggest exercise ideas for anyone who cannot currently take lessons!
Sample Lesson Curriculum.

Training and exercise are still available on a limited basis. 

Dressage, hunter/jumpers, reining, barrels, gymkhana, saddleseat, gaited horses, groundwork, line-driving, and historical riding styles. Longears welcome!




Multi-species Training

Equine Packages
Discounts available to Moon Dance Ranch boarders for two or more months.

※ General training at lesson rates above.
Includes general tune ups, teaching new maneuvers, developing fitness and softness, building confidence, and redirecting unwanted behaviors.

※ Exercise $15/session for well mannered horses; hand walking, turnouts, lunging, or roundpenning. Exceptional animals may be eligible for exercise rides. Monthly packages available.

For foals birth to six months.
Leading, picking up feet, giving to pressure, exposure to sights, sounds, and basic obstacles.
Unless there are exceptional circumstances, it is generally recommended that the work area be near their dam or weaning buddies.
Three days a week, $250/month

For foals 6-14 months old.
As above, plus introduction to tack, lunging, and free lunging.
Four days a week, $300/month

※Ready to Ride
For horses 14 months and up.
As above, plus ponying over a variety of terrain and obstacles; long lining; learning to step up to the mounting block on cue; supervised separation; introducing exercise weights.
Four-five days a week, $350/month

Other Livestock
Leading, packing, carting, tricks, and agility. Contact for more information.

Dogs and Other Pets
Contact for more information.