We interrupt your regularly scheduled programing…

    Usually, the beginning of the quarter is pretty quiet after hammering out syllabi and lesson plans. This is when I would continue glossing common sources, dig around for less common ones, or just peruse the wonderful world of digital archives for something odd or interesting. Alas, not this quarter. Instead, I have been busy with some quite exciting behind the scenes workings at EHC– hopefully we’ll have some announcements soon!– and for WHEATS. In the meantime, you know what that means. Cats, of course. Well, cat. Have an Abdiel-roll.


Abdiel the Editor

I promised cats, right?

     The more intent I am on work, the more Abdiel insists on being in my lap. I take it as a compliment. When we first got him, he was terrified of me (and, well, almost everything). Now he wants to fix it if I’m “upset.” Of course, he takes just about any intensity as being upset, wether the project is going well or not. And of course, if I get frustrated typing around him, then he thinks I’m really upset and need extra soothing. By petting him.