We interrupt your regularly scheduled programing…

    Usually, the beginning of the quarter is pretty quiet after hammering out syllabi and lesson plans. This is when I would continue glossing common sources, dig around for less common ones, or just peruse the wonderful world of digital archives for something odd or interesting. Alas, not this quarter. Instead, I have been busy with some quite exciting behind the scenes workings at EHC– hopefully we’ll have some announcements soon!– and for WHEATS. In the meantime, you know what that means. Cats, of course. Well, cat. Have an Abdiel-roll.



Olympic History

   We kicked off the new quarter with a hike up Mt. Rubidoux. Every time I’m there, I wonder at the placement of this plaque:


   The 10th Olympics were held in L.A. The story behind Shunzo Kido’s mercy has been attributed to an “endurance race” and a “steeplechase,” neither of which is quite right. He was an eventer, which does require a great deal of endurance (much more than modern eventing), and galloping over fences. Most accounts agree that he was on the verge of winning, but pulled up and dismounted because he felt his horse go off. Along with this 1934 plaque, a commemorative saddle was presented to Japan in 1964. Several accounts from the 60’s suggest he pulled up after being disqualified for refusals; however, this was likely in show jumping. In the interwar Olympics, many riders did double duty. In some cases, so did the horses, however he appears he had two mounts. The younger, reported as a 9-year-old French mare, was likely his show jumping mount. The eventing course went through downtown L.A. to Santa Monica (really!), not Riverside, but in a park named for Frank Miller, the placement isn’t so strange after all.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 9.25.58 PM

Lt. Col. Shunzo Kido


Washington County MFA

     Today was far to bitter cold to ride, so we had a little visit to the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. The WCMFA is free (donations welcome) and located in Hagerstown, MD’s city park. It is a small museum, but well organized and worth a visit if you’re in town.

     About half the galleries have detailed plaques like this, including acquisition information as well as artist name, creation date, and background.


Unsurprisingly, this “Cheval Turk” statuette was my favorite:


   The last (or first, depending on your direction) gallery is art from local kids. There were a lot of ponies!



Best Catsitters

We have the best catsitters. Our kitties love them and they send us pictures.


   Only some of their love is based on the crinkle paper (Abdiel’s favorite thing) and treats (which Octavian clearly enjoyed). Usually nothing can get Octavian wanting to come out from under the bed is visitors are over, and if we aren’t home Abdiel usually joins him. But our neighbor-friend-colleagues (pet-parents to the godkittens) are on Octavian’s approved list, and Abdiel has no qualms about ordering them around.