Horse Camp To Go

With lessons on hiatus, I starting thinking about what I could do for horse kids (and adults, I don’t judge) stuck at home. Camp Kits are in beta, but so far fabulous!

This one week kit was made for an elementary age camper who loves unicorns, ponies, and art. In addition to tailored crafts for the week (the camp counselor- parent- approved paints with brushes), this kit has a yarn “mane” and “tail” (complete with “tailbone”) for braiding practice, practice straps with instructions to convert them from “stirrups” to “reins,” horse tack flashcards, a horse-themed geography exercise, goal journal, and a small toy gift. Physical skills in this curriculum included shortening and lengthening reins, a variety of posting exercises, and a yard game to learn about different horse gaits.

A one week camp kit includes five+ days of activities with an integrated curriculum, a personalized video tour of the barn, and a bonus toy or gift item. For each day of camp, campers will:

  • Read something. This might be an article on horse care, a pony themed novel, or a poem. Most readings will be digital.
  • Write something. It could be a goal list, a response to a question, or just practicing their pony’s name! A journal or practice pad is provided with each camp kit.
  • Watch something. Maybe a video on roundpenning, or a fun cartoon, or a classic movie. Recommendations will be free on the web, or tailored to the camper’s available streaming options.
  • Learn something. Horse care, riding disciplines, parts of the horse or tack, the list is endless! These are a mix of physical (with supplies provided) and digital.
  • Do something. Riding is a sport! Practice safe dismounts off the couch, perfect your rein handling skills, stretch key muscles, walk test patterns, and more. Practice equipment for these are provided in the kits.
  • Make something. What would camp be without crafts? At least five unique crafts, and often these come with extras for the weekend. Ranging in complexity from coloring books to make your own saddle soap, there is something for everyone.

Each activity will have instructions, some including pictures or video. Crafts and other supplies are individually wrapped and numbered. Email support is available daily. By request I have added a junior camper kit with simpler crafts (no scissors, paint brushes, or heating needed) and shorter exercises.

15% off all orders made by August 1.

All ages welcome. Non-horsey kits available by special request. These are popular for siblings! Currently full dog camp, cat camp, and a variety of crafts-only theme kits are in stock. Have a group? Questions? Let’s chat.

UPDATE: New options added on the camp page based on early feedback!

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