Yes, I’m angry.

This is reposted from my Facebook, because my whole world is not there.

Yeah, I’m mad. Most of y’all probably haven’t seen that. There isn’t a lot worth getting mad about.

The widespread systemic abuse and murder committed by people we’re supposed to trust is worth being mad about. It worth being doubly mad if you’re part of that system we’re supposed to trust- you don’t want to be dragged down by a system that capitalizes on control over communication.

The fact (yes, fact) that this systemic abuse and murder disproportionately effects black and brown bodies is worth getting mad about.

Military equipment, tactics, and personnel being deployed agains civilians is worth getting mad about.

I’m insulated. These days, I’m living the good life and I expect to keep on doing so. That is a luxury. It’s a new one for me. I fought hard to get here. And I got lucky, I had some helping hands pull me up along the way.

For some people, it wouldn’t matter. I’ve been anxious in a traffic stop, but I’ve never worried about being murdered on the spot. It should be entirely reasonable to protest that. Let yourself be angry.

Military response to justified anger only works if you’re willing to kill everyone to justify the previous murders. For reference see…all of history. It. Doesn’t. Work.

It doesn’t matter if there are people taking advantage or protests, or even protestors damaging property *or even people.* There are already penalties for that…and you know how they’re able to do this shit? Because the militarized forces are willing to escalate. That provides fertile ground for all the things people are worried protesters might do.

Most of those protestors are kids. I saw more than a few familiar faces on the local feeds. They’re 18, 19, 20. They’re armed with signs. I am so incredibly proud of them for standing up, and for taking care of each other.

But it doesn’t matter. It does not matter. It is the job of the police to de-escalate. To “keep the peace.” Plenty of armed protests, including Oregon in ’16 and the recent anti-lockdown protests, where heavily, openly armed. De-escalation is possible. De-escalation is their job.

Their job is not to throw a local student bodily out of the road when she stood down a tank that should not have been there, on a usually pedestrian filled street, in broad daylight, on a day without a curfew. Or, for that matter, at all. We restrain farm animals with more care and dignity.

So, yes, I’m angry.

I’m happy to talk. Its *&%#! hard and sometimes I might need a break, but I’m happy to talk things out endlessly.

With one exception. I will not condone in any way shape or form any justification of militarized forces or equipment deployed against civilians, and I will not accept any justification of extrajudicial murder, ever.

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